Cousteau’s Data, the Data for Cousteau

Image from Link: Measuring climate change, on the backs of scuba divers Quick, name your favorite marine scientist. Go ahead and do it. OK, now, I have three points to make about what you just said: Not enough of you said Sylvia Earle because she's a woman and the patriarchy exists (not that you're... Continue Reading →

“Alexa, Turn On the Jellyfish”

Cyborg Jellyfish Could One Day Explore the Ocean You know what's rad? G-D cyborgs. Darth Vader is a cyborg and arguably a better villain AND hero than any character in the most recent Star Wars trilogy. Robocop is a cyborg. Janelle Monáe is a cyborg, guys (ok, she's an android - but she’s in the... Continue Reading →

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