How to Get Freaky Like a Floating Octopus

Photo by Julian Finn of Museums Victoria from the article. To mate, this octopus gives life and limb Nature in general has no shortage of weird, fun creatures, but the ocean really takes the cake. Enter the argonaut: an octopus with an identity crisis. Not only does the argonaut live free-swimming in the open ocean... Continue Reading →

The Ear is a Mussel

Photo from greybirdstudio on Mussels Stressed By Underwater Noise From Ships There are many ways that humans are impacting the ocean (chemical runoff, CO2 input, bottom trawling/dredging, oil spills, introduced species, shoreline barriers, offshore platforms - I could do this all day). One that doesn't get as much chatter is sound (or noise pollution),... Continue Reading →

JV’s Money-Market Blue-Investment Portfolio Corner for High-Yield Entrepreneurship and Dividend Maximization

Image from below article, copyright Olivier Mesnage. Catalyzing the Blue Revolution: How Investors Can Turn the Tide on Aquaculture More aquaculture-related content, my lovelies! This time, a guide from The Nature Conservancy and investment firm Encourage Capital on what kinds of aquaculture you should be investing in for a sustainable future. You know, for all... Continue Reading →

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