Never Trust Happy Hour

Last Thursday I attended a presentation about local sea level rise completely unaware of the crushing despair and expensive therapy bills this decision would leave me with. There was a happy hour beforehand for chrissakes. How bad could it be? (Tellingly, it was a booze-free happy hour. My first sign?). Very bad, Johnny, very bad... Continue Reading →

Mature Writer Discusses “Blow” and Poop

Image from here. Blown Away: Measuring Hormones from Whale Blow at Sea “'For the first time, we don’t have to wait around for these whales to poop,' said Dr. Scott Kraus, vice president and senior science advisor at the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life at the New England Aquarium." [Emphasis added] That right there... Continue Reading →

Sink Your Teeth Into This Crazy Squid Protein

Photo from New Scientist Squid could provide an eco-friendly alternative to plastics On a scale of 1 to misleading headlines, this baby is up there. No, we won't soon be replacing Dasani bottles with liquid-filled squid (though I'm imagining vending machines stocked with them and models in bus advertisements drinking from them and that would... Continue Reading →

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