What Do You Feed Your PET Bacteria?

Read: This "Mutant [Bacteria] Enzyme" Breaks Down Plastic If you're hip to environmental news, you've probably already heard about the bacteria that breaks down PET (the plastic in plastic bottles and a bunch of other stuff). Scientists even improved the enzyme responsible! I was stoked to come across this news initially, but like a lot of... Continue Reading →

Terminator 2: The Babysitter’s Club

Call back to the first R.A.D. as Hell newsflash featuring the starfish-killing robot - an update to that drone has it acting as a babysitter instead and delivering thousands of larval corals to Australia's reefs. Which is oddly similar to the plot progression from Terminator to Terminator 2, strangely enough. Regardless, this is a cool... Continue Reading →

We All Need Some Conch-servation

Calls to action for conservation don't all have to be doom and gloom, and if you want a broad audience to pay attention, I'm not convinced that's even an effective approach. I much prefer how these folks in the Bahamas are getting the word out about the dwindling number of conch - large sea snails... Continue Reading →

Episode 2019: A New Hope

It's so easy to get in a real funk reading news about the ocean. Doom and gloom is typically par for the course, and that's why I try to put only the raddest, most positive news on blast. This Forbes article: 5 Reasons to Feel Hopeful About The Oceans in 2019 is right at home here.... Continue Reading →

This Video Slaps

Working on translating some of Dr. Vaughan and crew's research that I talked about last week (see here) so in lieu of a regular little news tidbit here's one of my favorite videos.

Is Your Car Worth A Cod?

In general, I'm against commercial fishing because it removes goods from the ecosystem without any input to replace them. Fishermen aren't feeding the fish that they catch like a pig farmer feeds and raises hogs (fish farming has it's own issues). But damn, if you're gonna fish, do it like the Icelanders. Thanks in part... Continue Reading →

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