Sink Your Teeth Into This Crazy Squid Protein

Photo from New Scientist Squid could provide an eco-friendly alternative to plastics On a scale of 1 to misleading headlines, this baby is up there. No, we won't soon be replacing Dasani bottles with liquid-filled squid (though I'm imagining vending machines stocked with them and models in bus advertisements drinking from them and that would... Continue Reading →

I Like Turtles 2: Endangered Boogaloo

Sea Turtle Populations Soared by 980% After Legal Protections: Report The Endangered Species Act is bad ass. It's not hyperbole to call it the most important piece of conservation legislation in the US. Species of animals and plants put on its accompanying Endangered Species List are offered high-level legal protections and become the subjects of... Continue Reading →

What Do You Feed Your PET Bacteria?

Read: This "Mutant [Bacteria] Enzyme" Breaks Down Plastic If you're hip to environmental news, you've probably already heard about the bacteria that breaks down PET (the plastic in plastic bottles and a bunch of other stuff). Scientists even improved the enzyme responsible! I was stoked to come across this news initially, but like a lot of... Continue Reading →

Terminator 2: The Babysitter’s Club

Call back to the first R.A.D. as Hell newsflash featuring the starfish-killing robot - an update to that drone has it acting as a babysitter instead and delivering thousands of larval corals to Australia's reefs. Which is oddly similar to the plot progression from Terminator to Terminator 2, strangely enough. Regardless, this is a cool... Continue Reading →

We All Need Some Conch-servation

Calls to action for conservation don't all have to be doom and gloom, and if you want a broad audience to pay attention, I'm not convinced that's even an effective approach. I much prefer how these folks in the Bahamas are getting the word out about the dwindling number of conch - large sea snails... Continue Reading →

Episode 2019: A New Hope

It's so easy to get in a real funk reading news about the ocean. Doom and gloom is typically par for the course, and that's why I try to put only the raddest, most positive news on blast. This Forbes article: 5 Reasons to Feel Hopeful About The Oceans in 2019 is right at home here.... Continue Reading →

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